This Video ‘The Life of Stella’ Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Year

by CHIRPon May 7, 2016
Sometimes, you just do things differently. That’s exactly how this cute labrador ‘Stella’ goes about life! Owner Jody Hartman made this absolutely adorable video of Stella and her everyday shenanigans. From drinking water sprayed from the hose and splashing in the mud, to diving into a pile of leaves and popping bubbles, Stella knows how […]

Excuse Me…Do You Have Any Alligator Snacks? – This Alligator Just Rang A Doorbell

by CHIRPon May 5, 2016
Howdy neighbors! I was walking by and wondered if you had any alligator snacks!? This alligator was cruising around the neighborhood in South Carolina when he decided he needed to stop by the neighbors house and ask for some sugar…really though! It slowly strolls right up to the front door and props itself up to […]

This Tiger Cub And Puppy Are Best Friends And It’s Too Adorable

by CHIRPon April 30, 2016
This poor bengal tiger cub named ‘hunter’ was rejected by it’s mother. So instead of trying to find it a new one, this sanctuary just got him a best friend. And an unlikely one at that! Say hello to Chelsea the german pointer puppy! Only three weeks older than Hunter, they get along like two peas […]
Feral cat trap robot sprays poison when it detects a cat

Australia is deploying laser-finding, poison-spraying robots that can detect and eradicate feral cats

by CHIRPon April 28, 2016
For some time now, Feral cats have been a problem in the Australian Outback. They massacre endangered birds and mammals and breed very quickly. The Australia government has been looking for a way to deal with them, and it now looks like there might be a solution…robots. Feral cats are one of the biggest threats […]

Baby Deer Saved By Man With An Excavator!

Incredible Footage of An Excavator Saving A Baby Dear

by CHIRPon April 15, 2016
This guy uses his excavator every day during his normal job, but it got a bit of a different use this day! After seeing a baby deer struggling to get out of some sticky mud, excavator operator Bill Davis decided to take action and attempt a rescue. Found a baby black tail deer stuck in some deep mud! […]

It’s Official…Dogs Can Fly

by CHIRPon April 14, 2016
This is amazing!! After seeing the dogs that drive video, the thought crossed my mind that they should try it with a plane. I then quickly moved to another thought as that one was crazy…or was it? Mark Vette and a team of trainers just taught three rescue dogs how to fly a plane. When […]
Guy Catches Crocodile Accidentally!!

This Guy Just Accidentally Caught A Crocodile!

by CHIRPon April 13, 2016
This guy was just cruisin’ around on his paddle boat checking a floating line. He felt a little tension so he pulled a bit harder to pull what he assumed to be a large “catfish” to the surface…Let me give you a hint. It wasn’t a catfish. After pulling in line for a few seconds, […]

Wild Boar In The Snow - Fukushima Is Overrun With Radioactive Wild Boar

Fukushima, Japan Is Overrun With Radioactive Wild Boar

by CHIRPon April 11, 2016
With an obvious lack of human influence on the wilderness surrounding a nuclear disaster zone, contaminated life tends to flourish. With no humans hunting/destroying habitat, animals have access to large amounts of contaminated food and the freedom to breed out of control. This case in Japan has lead to and unbelievably large increase in wild board population. A dramatic increase in population isn’t a […]
Amazing Footage of Kevin Richardson Playing Soccer With Lions

This Guy Just Suited Up And Played Soccer With Lions…

by CHIRPon April 10, 2016
Well this is amazing…World renowned lion whisperer Kevin Richardson has not only just cuddled a bunch of full grown lions as I’m sure you’ve seen before. He’s now playing soccer with them! His goal is to bring awareness to just how gentle, kind and incredible these creatures are. I think he’s done a good job of […]

Watching These People Get Attacked By Bulls While An Australian Commentates Is Hilarious

by CHIRPon April 8, 2016
Watching people get trampled and thrown by bulls is a lot funnier when a crazy Australian is commentating. Seriously, it brings an entirely new level of funny to this video which is already really ridiculous! The running of the bulls is a long standing tradition, but there are always plenty of people who shouldn’t be there […]