Amazing Video of Military Airdrop Failing

Watch As Multiple Military Humvee Crash To The Ground When Their Parachutes Fail

by CHIRPon April 22, 2016
This is crazy! A US military airdrop in Germany seems to have gone completely wrong. As three large cargo planes pass overhead, the man filming captures video of humvee’s from each drop detach from their deployed parachutes and crash to the ground. Absolutely incredible! US military vehicles unloaded form Plane fall through the air and […]
Old Man "Saved" From Car In Flood

A Reporter “Saved” An Elderly Man Whose Car Was Sinking In A Flood

by CHIRPon April 21, 2016
When a large flood happened in Houston Texas on 18th of April, this elderly man got a bit confused as to whether his Prius was a boat or not and drove into what looks like a river! Floating for some time, you can hear the reporter start to worry if the man is going to […]

Insane Video of Front-End Loaders Bttling

Insane Video of Six Front-End Loaders Battling On A Public Street In China

by CHIRPon April 20, 2016
This is madness!! Seriously though…things are hectic over in China. This video captured about 6 front-end loaders completely going at it in an all out brawl of destruction. Apparently the construction operators were from competing companies and decided it best to sort out there differences through battle! One of the front-end loaders gets flipped over and the operator runs for […]
Bridge Breaks Under The Weight Of Hiikers!!

Incredible Footage Captures The Moment A Bridge Snaps Under Hikers Weight

by CHIRPon April 13, 2016
Hiking. It seems like a safe enough pastime. Going up hills and mountains on well cut trails. Occasionally you have to cross a rickety bridge, but they always hold up! Don’t they? Well not this time, and not for these hikers. While in New Zealand on a hiking/backpacking trip, these travelers came up to what […]

Guy Catches Crocodile Accidentally!!

This Guy Just Accidentally Caught A Crocodile!

by CHIRPon April 13, 2016
This guy was just cruisin’ around on his paddle boat checking a floating line. He felt a little tension so he pulled a bit harder to pull what he assumed to be a large “catfish” to the surface…Let me give you a hint. It wasn’t a catfish. After pulling in line for a few seconds, […]

Guy Almost Loses His Head From A Low-Flying Airplane!

Tourist In St. Barts Almost Loses His Head To A Low-Flying Airplane

by CHIRPon April 12, 2016
You may have seen footage of the Gustaf III airport in Saint Barthélemy (a French Speaking Caribbean Island). It’s famous for the low and steep landings that pilots are required to do, as well as the low take-off over a beach at the end of the runway. People watch from both sides as planes make the daring […]

Incredible Dash Cam Footage of Speeding Semi-Truck Near Miss

by CHIRPon April 9, 2016
This is some seriously crazy footage. Down under in Aussy land, this truck driver came upon a lady who’d just run over a rather large fallen tree limb in the road. A bit stirred up, the truck driver asks if she is ok and proceeds to pull over to help. All the while his dash […]

Watching These People Get Attacked By Bulls While An Australian Commentates Is Hilarious

by CHIRPon April 8, 2016
Watching people get trampled and thrown by bulls is a lot funnier when a crazy Australian is commentating. Seriously, it brings an entirely new level of funny to this video which is already really ridiculous! The running of the bulls is a long standing tradition, but there are always plenty of people who shouldn’t be there […]
Burglar Hides Under Childs Blanket

Burglar Caught On Tape Using Childs Blanket To Sneak Through And Rob A House

by CHIRPon April 5, 2016
This is crazy! While robbing a house near Auckland, New Zealand this burglar realized that there was a security camera and quickly grabbed a child blanket to cover his face. Luckily he messed up and let his face slip into view very briefly. The police are currently asking for help identifying the man in the […]

You Were Definitely Not Expecting This From The Little Guy

This Little Guy Just Delivered The Most Incredible Kick K.O. We’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon April 5, 2016
Dancing around the room, you’re kind of fearing for the smaller guy in this match up. His opponent is seriously almost a foot taller than him and seems to have a lot more energy. The bigger guy tries to land a few punches as he maneuvers around, but then it’s all over in a flurry […]