NSA Refuses To Give Number of Americans Being Spied On To Congress

The NSA Refuses To Tell Congress How Many Americans It’s Spying On

by CHIRPon April 23, 2016
Just today, in an attempt to learn more about the NSA’s surveillance programs, 14 legislators from congress (eight Democrats and six Republicans) have sent a letter directed to James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence. Asking for an estimate of how many Americans citizens are having their private data collected, the letter is an attempt to better understand […]
Mexican Canadian Trolls Trump With Mexican Flag

Construction Worker Trolls Trump By Hanging A Mexican Flag At The Top of His New Building

by CHIRPon April 4, 2016
Diego Reyna, a Mexican Canadian construction worker has just pulled the ultimate troll by hanging and posing with a Mexican flag at the top of Donald Trumps newest tower in Vancouver. I’ve seen every race and every religion working in that building. – Diego Reyna Diego stated that he pulled the stunt because he was sick and […]

USS Zumwalt Firing Missiles

This New Stealth Destroyer Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon April 2, 2016
So you may have heard of a destroyer. They are some of the most bad ass fighting ships/machines on this planet. Presently only 13 countries have them. Well let me introduce you to the USS Zumwalt; the worlds newest, most technologically advanced and stealthiest destroyer to ever be created. At 610 feet and 16,000 tons, this stealth destroyer is the […]
Egypt Air Plane hijacked On The Way To Cyprus

EgyptAir Plane Hijacked And Forced To Land In Cyprus

by CHIRPon March 30, 2016
An EgyptAir Plane Flying From Alexandria To Cairo Was Hijacked Just This Tuesday Mid-air and in route to Cairo, the pilot of EgyptAir flight MS181 reported a suicide bomb threat on board and diverted to land at the Larnaca airport in Cyprus. Reports have been released stating that the man responsible is an Egyptian national named Seif El […]

North Korea Threatens To Nuke The US

North Korean Propaganda Video Just Threatened To Nuke Washington DC

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
North Korean Just Threatened To Nuke Washington & Destroy The United States Just this Friday, North Korea released and uploaded a 4 min propaganda video titled “Last Chance” to the DPRK youtube channel. It features many images of warfare, the burning of the American flag and a computer simulation of a warhead launched at Washington blowing up near […]

Ted Cruz Smashes Donal Trump In The Polls

Ted Cruz Smashes Donald Trumps Lead In Latest National Poll

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
The Latest National Poll From Fox News Shows That Cruz Has SMASHED Trumps Lead This is pretty incredible. Fox News has just recently released it’s latest national poll stating that Ted Cruz has taken Donal Trumps previous lead of 18% and dropped it down to only 3%! What does this say about Americans? Are they tired […]
Road To Trump Rally In Phoenix Blocked By Angry Protestors

You’ll Never Guess Why Protestors Are Blocking This Road…Actually Yes You Will…It’s TRUMP

by CHIRPon March 20, 2016
The influx of ridiculous news about the Donald is always overwhelming, but we thought this shouldn’t go amiss. An entire direction of highway headed into Phoenix, Arizona has been blocked. Anti-TRUMP protestors have used their cars and bodies to block the highway leading to a Trump rally in a Phoenix, AZ suburb.      Source: Daily […]

Donal Trump Looking Smug After Calling For Riots

TRUMP Calls For Riots If He Doesn’t Get Elected!?

by CHIRPon March 17, 2016
Without directly stating that he wants his supporters to riot, Trump has essentially done so. Stating on national television “I think you’d have riots” if he loses the nomination is one in the same. This is only going to entice his crazy followers to go to the extreme should he not come out on top…Listen below from CNN. […]

See What The World Is CHIRPing About!

by CHIRPon March 17, 2016
We Endlessly Scroll Through The Internet So You Don’t Have To See What’s Chirping Around The World We’ve seen a big change in internet news and media lately, and we want to do things differently. Here at CHIRP, we take the time to go through all those news articles showing up on your feed, and sharing only […]