Watch This Time-Lapse of NASA’s Expandable Habitat Inflating On The ISS

by CHIRPon May 31, 2016
Just this past Saturday, NASA successfully deployed the first ever expandable habitat on the ISS (International Space Station). Astronaut Jeff Williams inflated the habitat called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) with the help from ground control. Controlling a valve, he gradually released air into the module in about 25 short bursts. By inflating the expandable habitat in bursts, […]
Indian Space Craft RLV-TD

India Has Successfully Launched And Recovered A Reusable Space Craft

by CHIRPon May 26, 2016
India has just joined the reusable space craft game, and they’re rocket looks awesome. Launched and recovered just this week by the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) around 9 AM local time, the rocket reached a height of 43 miles and then safely glided to a landing. At only 7-meters long, the prototype reusable spacecraft is […]

A Month In Science: World Science Monthly Recap

Humanoid Diving Robot – Landing A Rocket – Smart Contact Lenses – 100ft Autonomous Ship [MIS April 2016]

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
A Month In Science
Things at CHIRP have been off to a great start. With over 200k visitors in our first month, we are excited to be bringing so many of you quality future/science focused news from around the world. We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our readers thus far, and those to come! […]
entropy directly linked to time

New Study Suggests That Dark Energy Is The Reason Time Moves Forward

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
The Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that the disorder of a closed system like our universe must always increase, never decrease. Also known as ‘entropy’, it’s the reason that things do no reassemble or come back to life. When objects like stars, our planet and humanity are created, they add energy to the universe. This in turn adds […]

The Center of Earth Is Younger Than The Surface

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
Have you ever wondered how old Earth is? We’ll, if you’re not religious, science shows that the earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Now have you thought about how old the center of our Earth is? Common sense would lead you to believe it’s the same age, but new calculations show that the center […]

A Month In Science

A Month In Science [New Future News Recap]

by CHIRPon May 18, 2016
Things at CHIRP have been off to a great start. With over 200k visitors in our first month, we are excited to be bringing so many of you quality news from around the world. We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our readers and those to come! Your support is what […]

Prototype Capsule Potentially Game Changing For Sending Research To And From Space

by CHIRPon May 11, 2016
A new prototype capsule called the ‘Maraia Earth Return Capsule’ (MERC) looks to be the next big thing for sending and returning supplies and research to astronauts at the International Space Station and potentially beyond. Rather than having to wait for a return mission to earth to bring back supplies, the goal of the MERC, and […]

A New Form of Drakes Equation Asserts That We Are Not Alone

New Form of The Drake Equation Asserts That We Are Not Alone in The Universe

by CHIRPon May 10, 2016
One of the worlds biggest questions may have just been answered…kind of. Intelligent life hasn’t actually been discovered, but a new adaptation to the world famous ‘Drake Equation’ now asserts that it is inevitable. After many thousands of years of thinking that our planet and the human race were all that existed, we eventually discovered that […]
GoPro Awards: On a Rocket Launch to Space

Amazing Footage From a GoPro Shows What it’s Like to Ride on a Rocket

by CHIRPon May 7, 2016
A GoPro took a ride on a rocket launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico, and the footage has just been released. The little camera traveled more than 3,800mph on a 20-foot tall rocket. GoPro has released footage of from a camera of theirs that took the ride of a lifetime on a small 20 […]

The Falcon 9 Rocket Just Successfully Launched And Landed On A Floating Drone Ship For The Second Time

SpaceX Just Successfully Landed Their Flacon 9 Rocket On A Floating Drone Ship For A Second Time!

by CHIRPon May 6, 2016
The SpaceX Flacon 9 rocket that successfully landed on a floating ship for the first time has just done it again! And this time with a much more difficult landing. Carrying a Japanese communications satellite (JCSAT-14), the rocket had to reach an extremely high orbit, which makes re-entry and landing a bit more difficult due to a faster […]