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Concerts In Virtual Reality Are Coming This Year

You’ll Soon Be Able To Experience Your Favorite Musical Artist Live In Virtual Reality

by CHIRPon May 4, 2016
Virtual reality company NextVR is pushing the bounds of live streaming. Have you ever wanted to, from the comfort of your home, experience a boxing match, political debate, car race or…now a concert!? Well that’s what Next VR has already done (for the first three) and plans to do with concerts. Teaming up with Live Nation they plan to […]
Awesome New Hologram Technology From Magic Leap

Incredible Video of Magic Leap’s New Headset Hologram Technology

by CHIRPon April 20, 2016
This awesome video showcasing Magic Leap‘s [a very secretive mixed reality startup] new technology is pretty incredible. Apparently there’s a headset capable of doing what you see in this video. It’s pretty interesting. Looking almost like a hologram, it would be pretty cool to browse the web like this! My only thought’s are, how is the […]

Roborace Autonomous Racing Cars

The World’s First ‘Driverless Racing Series’ Just Released Images of Their Cars, And They Look Amazing

by CHIRPon April 4, 2016
The first of its kind, Roborace will be a driverless racing series set to debut later this year or early next year. Just recently the organizers unveiled what the custom-made electric cars will look like. These four wheeled autonomous vehicles are incredibly aerodynamic and, according to their designer Daniel Simon, will produce incredible amounts of downforce. Roborace CEO Denis Sverdlov […]
These Parents Attached A GoPro To The Head Of Their Toddler During Hide And Seek

Watch What Happens When These Parents Put A GoPro On Their Toddler During Hide And Seek

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
Little kids can be pretty cute. Here’s a prime example of that. The parents of this little guy decided to strap a GoPro to his head and let him loose in a game of hide and seek! It’s hilarious to watch him running around the house unsure of where his parents might be stowed away. He […]

White Robot Holding Human Skull

Is Imperfect A.I. Going To Take Over The World And Then Malfunction!?

by CHIRPon March 29, 2016
With Artificial Intelligence All Over The News Lately, There’s No Stopping Its Movement Into The Mainstream Recently there has been quite a lot of talk about artificial intelligence. More specifically, the news has been covered with self learning and life like A.I./robots. From Microsofts @TayAndYou and Hanson Robotics’s Sophia to Cornell’s Self Walking Robot and ICTA, Australia’s Self Cooking Robot…it has […]

The Division Cover Photo

Tom Clancy’s The Division – CHIRP Review – What We Wish We Knew

by CHIRPon March 17, 2016
Tom Clancy’s The Division came out this March 8th with a LOT of anticipation from the gaming community to say the least. The Division has been more hyped up than Destiny, one of last years biggest releases, and quite fun might I add (regardless of them shafting early users). I’ve been deep in the action […]