Indian Space Craft RLV-TD

India Has Successfully Launched And Recovered A Reusable Space Craft

by CHIRPon May 26, 2016
India has just joined the reusable space craft game, and they’re rocket looks awesome. Launched and recovered just this week by the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) around 9 AM local time, the rocket reached a height of 43 miles and then safely glided to a landing. At only 7-meters long, the prototype reusable spacecraft is […]
Sky Diving Quidditch

Skydiving Quidditch Is As Awesome, Intense And Real As It Gets

by CHIRPon May 9, 2016
Quidditch has been played before…on the ground. A fairly boring sport to watch, you may have seen Middlebury College play it or seen it in the movie ‘The Internship’. Either way, people run around on the ground with brooms between their legs and throw balls through hoops. It’s definitely not the most exciting of sports…until you make […]

This New Headset Replaces Your Computer Mouse With Head Tilts And Biting

by CHIRPon May 4, 2016
Technology is constantly changing and innovating, but the way we control computers has been pretty standard for a while now. A mouse, track pad, touchscreen and even wireless controllers, we have lots of ways to manipulate the data we see before us on a screen…but what is something that all of those controls have in […]

From One Cello…To An Orchestra — This “Flash Mob” Is Amazing

by CHIRPon May 2, 2016
Starting off with just one lone classical cello player, people around are at first a bit confused as he sits in silence. Then a little girl walks up and drops a coin in his top hat…and he begins. Then a random person walks up from behind and starts playing along with him on another cello, then […]

Drake Views Sold 600k In 1 Day

Drake Just Sold A Crap Load of Records Yesterday

by CHIRPon May 1, 2016
Drake, always on the top of the music scene, is currently having the biggest sales of his career. His new album Views has sold over 600,000 copies on iTunes in its first 24 hours. With his last album selling 658,000 copies in seven days, he’s going to smash that number with ease! Drake acknowledged the milestone during a release party for his […]

This Tiger Cub And Puppy Are Best Friends And It’s Too Adorable

by CHIRPon April 30, 2016
This poor bengal tiger cub named ‘hunter’ was rejected by it’s mother. So instead of trying to find it a new one, this sanctuary just got him a best friend. And an unlikely one at that! Say hello to Chelsea the german pointer puppy! Only three weeks older than Hunter, they get along like two peas […]
Buddhists Create Robot Monk

This Cute Little Robot Monk “Knows The Meaning To Life”

by CHIRPon April 29, 2016
The Longquan Temple in Beijing has created a new way to spread love, and it’s Buddhist ways…a cute little robot monk named Xian’er.  With a touchscreen chest that allows him to answer life deepest questions. The temple worked with local tech and culture companies to design and manufacture Xian’er. Monk Xian Fan stated that the robot is […]

Snapchat being sued over a car wreck

Snapchat Being Sued Over An Accident Involving It’s ‘Speed Filter’

by CHIRPon April 28, 2016
Snapchat is facing a lawsuit due to a car wreck caused by a driver potentially using the app. The lawsuit describes a 2015 incident in which driver Christal McGee allegedly increased her driving speed in order to see the reading on Snapchat’s speed filter get above 100 mph. The complaint alleges that Snapchat was, or should have been, […]
People Stealing Water From The London Marathon...Disappointing To Say The Least

Footage Captures People Stealing Water From Athletes At The London Marathon

by CHIRPon April 25, 2016
Whenever a large Marathon event is held, a ton of water is usually present. Changing from small paper cups to plastic bottles, the London Marathon had large pallets of Buxton water at stations every mile starting from mile 3 all the way to mile 25. These hydration stations were put in place to ensure runners embarking on […]

Tim Cook running in space

This Guy Just Ran The London Marathon In Space

by CHIRPon April 25, 2016
British astronaut Tim Peake has been determined to be the first man ever to complete a marathon in space. Aboard the ISS (International Space Station) and running on a treadmill, Tim set out to run the London Marathon this April 24th. Running in sync with the race going on down below, Tim had an Ipad playing footage […]