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Excuse Me…Do You Have Any Alligator Snacks? – This Alligator Just Rang A Doorbell

by CHIRPon May 5, 2016
Howdy neighbors! I was walking by and wondered if you had any alligator snacks!? This alligator was cruising around the neighborhood in South Carolina when he decided he needed to stop by the neighbors house and ask for some sugar…really though! It slowly strolls right up to the front door and props itself up to […]
Hamster Keeps Doing Backflips

It Just Doesn’t Stop Doing Backflips…I Think This Hamster Is Broken

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
At first we thought this was the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Then we found out the cause. This adorable little hamster appears to just love flipping off of it’s food bowl. It’s seriously one of the cutest things we’ve seen. The only thing is that this behavior is not caused by the hamsters joy […]

Jaguars & Or Leopards Licking A Mans Head

Would You Let These Two Jaguars Style Your Hair?

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
I Don’t Think I’d Do This. Even For My Bucket List. This man seems to enjoy the feeling of two giant beautiful yet deadly cats tasting his head before chowing down…Ok, maybe not. But you just never know. If one of them is feeling a bit peckish and likes what it’s tasting…there goes your head Un […]
Amazing Utah Rangers Save Snared Cougar

Ubelievable Video Of Utah Game Wardens Freeing A Pissed Off Cougar In A Trap

by CHIRPon March 23, 2016
These Guys Have Balls Seriously. These guys are mad men! Granted what they’re doing is extremely compassionate. These guys are still absolutely crazy! With only catch poles and a bag to put over it’s head, these Game Wardens approach and hook a cougar that’s been snared by a hunting trap. And it’s not a happy cougar. Considering […]

Cute Baby Wombat

Stop Everything Now & Watch This Baby Wombat

by CHIRPon March 22, 2016
Who Knew Wombats Were So Cute Just kidding. We’ve always loved wombats. But that doesn’t mean they’re not underated when it comes to cuteness factor. You never hear people talk about how cute a Wombat is…after watching this video, I think this little baby Wombat named Derek will be everyones favorite. Seriously….is he not the […]

Australian Police Officer Saves Baby Kangaroo From Car Accident

Just Another Reason Other Countries Police Are Better Than The US…Kangaroos

by CHIRPon March 17, 2016
Police in the United States are notoriously awful. Mostly for being racist and shooting unarmed civilians. Another reason is that they don’t rescue cute Kangaroos like this Australian Police Officer Constable Scott Mason. Granted there aren’t any Kangaroo’s in the US….but you get my point.                  After being hit […]