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Ehang 184 Passenger Drone

Nevada to Begin Testing Autonomous Passenger Drones

by CHIRPon June 15, 2016
Chinese company EHang and the state of Nevada are set to test automated flying passenger drones by the end of this year! With flying passenger drones only a thing of science fiction, with the advances in drone technology in the past few years, they are more a reality than ever. Called the Ehang 184 Passenger Drone, […]
Artificial Intellingence Sophia At SXSW

Realistic Robot ‘Sophia’ Can Have A Conversation…And Wants To “Destroy Humans”

by CHIRPon March 29, 2016
Just As Microsoft Released An AI Twitter Bot That Failed And Went Racist, This Human Like Robot Can Hold A Conversation…And It Wants To “Destroy Humans” Life like robotics/artificial intelligence have been making great strides recently. Microsoft has tried to create a twitter bot that can hold a twitter conversation with 18-24 year olds (it failed […]