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entropy directly linked to time

New Study Suggests That Dark Energy Is The Reason Time Moves Forward

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
The Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that the disorder of a closed system like our universe must always increase, never decrease. Also known as ‘entropy’, it’s the reason that things do no reassemble or come back to life. When objects like stars, our planet and humanity are created, they add energy to the universe. This in turn adds […]
A Black Hole Has Been Recreated In A Lab

Physicists Have Simulated A Black Hole In A Lab — Could Win Hawking A Nobel Prize

by CHIRPon April 27, 2016
Stephen Hawking’s theory that black holes don’t destroy everything they come in contact with, but rather evaporate and shrink while slowly emitting radiation was revolutionary. But due to the impractical nature of studying such a subject, his theory has been impossible to prove up to this point. The only way to truly discover the truth behind it would be to go inside […]

12 Black Holes Are All Shooting Energy In The Same Direction

A Dozen Black Holes Are All Mysteriously Shooting Energy In The Same Direction

by CHIRPon April 27, 2016
Recently observed by Nasa, approximately a dozen supermassive black holes are simultaneously shooting bursts of energy in the same direction. While it may be a coincidence, astronomers are suggesting that larger forces at play. Found at the center of nearly all galaxies, black holes periodically erupt and release streams of plasma into space. When a black hole swallows a star, […]