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Watching These People Get Attacked By Bulls While An Australian Commentates Is Hilarious

by CHIRPon April 8, 2016
Watching people get trampled and thrown by bulls is a lot funnier when a crazy Australian is commentating. Seriously, it brings an entirely new level of funny to this video which is already really ridiculous! The running of the bulls is a long standing tradition, but there are always plenty of people who shouldn’t be there […]
Amazing Footage Of Crocodile Attacking Elephant by The Trunk

Incredible Footage of Crocodile Attacking An Elephant

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
Filming A Seemingly Average Video of An Elephant Drinking From A Watering Hole, These Tourist Had No Idea What Was About To Happen! While these tourists were watching a small group of elephants drink water, something was lurking and waiting to attack. Not long after the elephant sets its trunk in the water a large […]

North Korea Threatens To Nuke The US

North Korean Propaganda Video Just Threatened To Nuke Washington DC

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
North Korean Just Threatened To Nuke Washington & Destroy The United States Just this Friday, North Korea released and uploaded a 4 min propaganda video titled “Last Chance” to the DPRK youtube channel. It features many images of warfare, the burning of the American flag and a computer simulation of a warhead launched at Washington blowing up near […]
Rhino Stuck in Mud Gets Attacked By Three Lions

Rhino Stuck In Mud Gets Attacked By Three Lions! Unbelievable!

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
Nature Is Amazing! And Terrifying! This Black Rhino was just enjoying a swim. When he went to get out, things got a bit hectic. The mud on the bank of the watering hole was quite soft and gave way under the weight of such a heavy animal. The Rhino was struggling to get out, slipping and sinking […]

Zombie Guy Attacks Bus In Sydney Australia

Zombie State Sydney Man Punches Through Bus Window With His Fists

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
This Guy Might Be Over Reacting Just A Wee Bit… Punching your way through a bus window might not be the best way to solve your problems, but it sure is entertaining for the rest of us! This guy from the land down under [Sydney, Australia to be exact] seems to be on some mind altering […]