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New Metamaterial Can Make Solar Panels That Create Energy At Night

New Metamaterial Can Create Solar Panels That Generate Electricity In The Dark

by CHIRPon April 24, 2016
Published recently in Nature Communications, the discovery of a new artificial material could be the key to generating clean electricity at all hours of the day. A new metamaterial discovered by physicists at the Australian National University/ARC Center of Excellence CUDOS and the University of California Berkeley actually gathers energy when exposed to heat. This, being the most […]
New Invention Could Save Our Oceans

New Invention The ‘Seabin’ Could Save Our Oceans

by CHIRPon April 15, 2016
Most of the waste we produce on land eventually ends up in the worlds oceans. Caused by both deliberate dumping and run-off from drains and rivers, ocean pollution is a major problem. One that we are struggling to deal with. Currently there is a mass of tiny particulate garbage the size of Texas floating in the pacific ocean [the […]

Incredible Dash Cam Footage of Speeding Semi-Truck Near Miss

by CHIRPon April 9, 2016
This is some seriously crazy footage. Down under in Aussy land, this truck driver came upon a lady who’d just run over a rather large fallen tree limb in the road. A bit stirred up, the truck driver asks if she is ok and proceeds to pull over to help. All the while his dash […]
White Robot Holding Human Skull

Is Imperfect A.I. Going To Take Over The World And Then Malfunction!?

by CHIRPon March 29, 2016
With Artificial Intelligence All Over The News Lately, There’s No Stopping Its Movement Into The Mainstream Recently there has been quite a lot of talk about artificial intelligence. More specifically, the news has been covered with self learning and life like A.I./robots. From Microsofts @TayAndYou and Hanson Robotics’s Sophia to Cornell’s Self Walking Robot and ICTA, Australia’s Self Cooking Robot…it has […]

Amazing Velociraptor Dinosaur Prank. Hamish & Andy

These Guys Pranked Their Co-Worker With The Most Realistic Dinosaur You’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
This Is So Good! Pranksters Hamish & Andy went all out for this prank. They completely terrified one of their co-workers by getting dressed up in one of the most realistic velociraptor costumes you’ve ever seen. It’s incredible how life like the head movement is! After getting one of their co-workers to walk out into the […]

Zombie Guy Attacks Bus In Sydney Australia

Zombie State Sydney Man Punches Through Bus Window With His Fists

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
This Guy Might Be Over Reacting Just A Wee Bit… Punching your way through a bus window might not be the best way to solve your problems, but it sure is entertaining for the rest of us! This guy from the land down under [Sydney, Australia to be exact] seems to be on some mind altering […]
Comment About Kmart Using Models With Disability

Kmart Changes The Game By Featuring Models With Disabilities

by CHIRPon March 22, 2016
Mad Props To Kmart [Australia] For Their Recent Implimentation For the first time ever, Kmart Australia has featured photos of models with disabilities, hopefully setting a new trend/standard across the country and world. The spread features two children; one with Autism and another with Cerebral Palsy. Both fit the role absolutely perfectly, and seemed to really enjoy the […]

Cute Baby Wombat

Stop Everything Now & Watch This Baby Wombat

by CHIRPon March 22, 2016
Who Knew Wombats Were So Cute Just kidding. We’ve always loved wombats. But that doesn’t mean they’re not underated when it comes to cuteness factor. You never hear people talk about how cute a Wombat is…after watching this video, I think this little baby Wombat named Derek will be everyones favorite. Seriously….is he not the […]
Australian Police Officer Saves Baby Kangaroo From Car Accident

Just Another Reason Other Countries Police Are Better Than The US…Kangaroos

by CHIRPon March 17, 2016
Police in the United States are notoriously awful. Mostly for being racist and shooting unarmed civilians. Another reason is that they don’t rescue cute Kangaroos like this Australian Police Officer Constable Scott Mason. Granted there aren’t any Kangaroo’s in the US….but you get my point.                  After being hit […]