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Argus II 2

Recently Approved Bionic Eye Procedure Just Gave This Man Sight After 40 Years of Blindness

by CHIRPon May 27, 2016
Only recently approved by the FDA, a new operation of the eye can give the blind new sight. Just recently in Texas this approved procedure, that implant’s a bionic eye, was successfully performed on a Texas man John Jameson. While the doctors who completed the operation have yet to release much information about the procedure, our friends […]
Sperm Whale Poop Worth 50,000!!

This Man Found A Chunk of Whale Vomit On The Beach Worth £50,000

by CHIRPon April 16, 2016
50-year-old Ken Wilman was out walking his dog down a beach in Morecambe one day when he noticed his pup was chewing on something. Ken walked over to investigate and saw what looked like a large yellow rock. Unsure of why his dog would be chewing on such a thing Ken picked it up and […]