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A Month In Science: World Science Monthly Recap

Humanoid Diving Robot – Landing A Rocket – Smart Contact Lenses – 100ft Autonomous Ship [MIS April 2016]

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
A Month In Science
Things at CHIRP have been off to a great start. With over 200k visitors in our first month, we are excited to be bringing so many of you quality future/science focused news from around the world. We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our readers thus far, and those to come! […]

This Giant Ship Sinks Itself And Carries Massive Yachts Like They’re Nothing

by CHIRPon April 13, 2016
This giant super vessel called the Super Servant 4 is incredible! Using what is called the “float-on method”, this giant ship sinks itself, allowing large and small yachts to board for transport. You don’t realize how huge this ship really is until it’s got about 9 boats of all sizes. From super yachts to small cruising […]

USS Zumwalt Firing Missiles

This New Stealth Destroyer Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon April 2, 2016
So you may have heard of a destroyer. They are some of the most bad ass fighting ships/machines on this planet. Presently only 13 countries have them. Well let me introduce you to the USS Zumwalt; the worlds newest, most technologically advanced and stealthiest destroyer to ever be created. At 610 feet and 16,000 tons, this stealth destroyer is the […]
New Zealand's Worst Ever Maritime Environmental Disaster

Incredible Footage of Giant Container Ship Wrecked On New Zealand’s Astrolabe Reef

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometime you have a worse day. And sometime you crash a giant container ship into a reef in New Zealand…Yeah, that’s got to be the worst day. This Greek owned container ship was traveling from Napier, NZ to Tauranga, NZ. Due to captain error and unknown complications the ship (known […]