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Uber Driverless Car In Pittsburgh

New Driverless Uber Being Tested In Pittsburgh

by CHIRPon May 25, 2016
With all the advances in driverless cars over the past few years, it was only a matter of time until the pre-booked ride kings ‘Uber’ got into the game. Now it’s official, they are testing a driverless Uber on the streets of Pittsburgh. “If you’re driving around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks you might see […]
Google TPU For Artificial Intelligence

Google Is Developing An Artificial Intelligence Chip

by CHIRPon May 23, 2016
Google has just uncovered one of it’s newest and most impressive hardware innovations. Called the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), it is a custom built ASIC with the specific goal of machine learning. Created for Google’s open source software library for machine learning called TensorFlow, it promises performance far beyond current chips capabilities. The TPU is already in use at […]

This New Headset Replaces Your Computer Mouse With Head Tilts And Biting

by CHIRPon May 4, 2016
Technology is constantly changing and innovating, but the way we control computers has been pretty standard for a while now. A mouse, track pad, touchscreen and even wireless controllers, we have lots of ways to manipulate the data we see before us on a screen…but what is something that all of those controls have in […]
Awesome New Hologram Technology From Magic Leap

Incredible Video of Magic Leap’s New Headset Hologram Technology

by CHIRPon April 20, 2016
This awesome video showcasing Magic Leap‘s [a very secretive mixed reality startup] new technology is pretty incredible. Apparently there’s a headset capable of doing what you see in this video. It’s pretty interesting. Looking almost like a hologram, it would be pretty cool to browse the web like this! My only thought’s are, how is the […]

Will We Be Able To Upload Our Mind To Computers?

Mind Transfer To A Computer Could Be Possible By 2050. Immortality May Be Within Reach

by CHIRPon April 5, 2016
Immortality. Something that the human race has dreamt of since we understood the concept of death. The ability to live beyond our extremely mortal bodies…From the famous myths of a fountain of youth to the endless potions of legend that would stop you from aging and keep you alive forever, nothing truly seems to be […]