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windowless aiplane infoclip

New Windowless Airplane Can Display Whatever You Desire

by CHIRPon May 25, 2016
This new airplane developed by ‘Technicon Design France’ has no windows. Saving money, making manufacturing less complex and keeping the plane light, the windowless design is practical from a financial and efficiency stand point. But what makes it even cooler? The inside of the fuselage is completely covered with OLED panels. These panels display either […]
MIT's Invisible Cream Bandage

MIT Have Developed A ‘Second Skin’ Cream

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
Researchers at MIT have developed a “second skin” of sorts. Applied in the form of two creams, once combined they form a very mechanically strong and invisible bandage. Resisting water/washing and tightening the skin, the new discovery has potential applications in both home use, cosmetics and medical procedures. FROM THE SOURCE

The Center of Earth Is Younger Than The Surface

by CHIRPon May 24, 2016
Have you ever wondered how old Earth is? We’ll, if you’re not religious, science shows that the earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Now have you thought about how old the center of our Earth is? Common sense would lead you to believe it’s the same age, but new calculations show that the center […]
Zapping Clouds With Lasers Could Cool The Planet

Shooting Clouds With Lasers Could Potentially Lower The Planet’s Temperature

by CHIRPon May 22, 2016
Our planets temperature is rising every year. Scientists and thinkers alike have been trying to come up with a way to reverse this trajectory of rising temperatures. It seems that they may have just figured out how to…at east in a small way. Reported in Science Advances, it’s been discovered that zapping tiny ice particles within cirrus clouds breaks them […]

A Month In Science

A Month In Science [New Future News Recap]

by CHIRPon May 18, 2016
Things at CHIRP have been off to a great start. With over 200k visitors in our first month, we are excited to be bringing so many of you quality news from around the world. We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our readers and those to come! Your support is what […]

A New Form of Light Has Been Discovered

Physicists Have Discovered A New Form of Light

by CHIRPon May 17, 2016
In order to understand these new findings, it will be best to first explain a little bit about our current understand of light. Most notably ‘Planck’s constant’ and angular momentum. ‘Planck’s constant’ is a physical constant that is the quantum of action, central in quantum mechanics. In simpler words, it’s the link between the energy a photon […]
We've Been Completely Wrong About What's Going On inside The Earth's Mantle

New Technique Has Revealed How Completely Wrong We’ve Been About What’s Going On In The Earth’s Mantle

by CHIRPon May 15, 2016
With much still to learn about what’s deep below the Earth’s mantle/crust and how it behaves, tracking and record data on something you can’t truly observe is extremely difficult. But a new technique has just changed all that. The convective currents of the Earth’s mantle have now been successfully mapped for the first time ever. What geologists discovered is […]

This Guy Decided Youtube Was Taking Too Long, So He Made His Own Award

YouTube Was Taking Too Long To Send This Guy His Award, So He Made One Himself

by CHIRPon May 14, 2016
If you run a youtube channel and hit a milestone such as a million subscribers, youtube sends you a nice plaque to congratulate you on your success. In the case of 100k, they send a “silver” plaque. While not actually made out of pure silver, they are still beautiful and a great way to display your […]

Prototype Capsule Potentially Game Changing For Sending Research To And From Space

by CHIRPon May 11, 2016
A new prototype capsule called the ‘Maraia Earth Return Capsule’ (MERC) looks to be the next big thing for sending and returning supplies and research to astronauts at the International Space Station and potentially beyond. Rather than having to wait for a return mission to earth to bring back supplies, the goal of the MERC, and […]

New Robotic Arm Acts As A Third Arm For Drummer

Researchers Created A Robotic Third Arm That Plays Drums Along With Human Performer

by CHIRPon May 8, 2016
Researchers at Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology have just pushed the art of drumming, and eventually the world, into the future. Developing a robotic limb that attaches to the shoulder, they’ve effectively given drummers the ability to have three arms. The arm is what Georgia Tech developers call a “smart arm”. This means that […]