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New Metamaterial Can Make Solar Panels That Create Energy At Night

New Metamaterial Can Create Solar Panels That Generate Electricity In The Dark

by CHIRPon April 24, 2016
Published recently in Nature Communications, the discovery of a new artificial material could be the key to generating clean electricity at all hours of the day. A new metamaterial discovered by physicists at the Australian National University/ARC Center of Excellence CUDOS and the University of California Berkeley actually gathers energy when exposed to heat. This, being the most […]
Solar Impulse 2 Set To Continue It's Round World Flight

The Solar Impulse 2 Electric Aircraft Is About To Land After Crossing The Pacific — Watch It Live Here

by CHIRPon April 24, 2016
As we speak the Solar Impulse 2 aircraft that we reported on a week ago is on it’s way from Hawaii, where it had undergone repairs and testing, to Mountain View, California. You can watch the live feed below here on CHIRP! Currently over the coast of California, it’s nearing it’s destination at Mountain View. Watch […]

Ocean Cleanup Area Could Save Our Oceans

New Ocean Cleanup Array Set To Deploy This Year — Potential To Save Our Oceans From Microscopic Plastic

by CHIRPon April 20, 2016
21 year old Boyan Slat is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup and inventor of the Ocean Cleanup Array; one of the worlds best (if not only) solutions to combat the enormous amount of plastic in the ocean. Currently the Pacific Ocean is home to a mass of plastic pollution the size of Texas, […]
Great Barrier Reef Experiencing Worst Coral Bleaching To Date

Great Barrier Reef Experiencing Worst Coral Bleaching To Date — We Can Save It By Moving It

by CHIRPon April 18, 2016
Extremely large portions of the northern Great Barrier Reef are currently experiencing “the worst, mass bleaching event in its history” according to a statement released by the Australian Research Council. By taking aerial surveys of more than 500 coral reefs ranging from Cairns to Papua New Guinea, the research team revealed that the previously most pristine […]

New Invention Could Save Our Oceans

New Invention The ‘Seabin’ Could Save Our Oceans

by CHIRPon April 15, 2016
Most of the waste we produce on land eventually ends up in the worlds oceans. Caused by both deliberate dumping and run-off from drains and rivers, ocean pollution is a major problem. One that we are struggling to deal with. Currently there is a mass of tiny particulate garbage the size of Texas floating in the pacific ocean [the […]

Beautiful Sea Tree Provides Habitat

Incredible And Beautiful ‘Sea Trees’ Could Be The Future of Nature In Cities

by CHIRPon April 11, 2016
A new design by the architect Koen Olthuis from Waterstudio could be a new means of bringing bio diversity to cities and highly populated areas with open water sources. By constructing a multi-tiered “tree” like structure, Koen plans to create a habitat for a large variety of plant and animal life. This will beautifully bring a […]
New Zealand's Worst Ever Maritime Environmental Disaster

Incredible Footage of Giant Container Ship Wrecked On New Zealand’s Astrolabe Reef

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometime you have a worse day. And sometime you crash a giant container ship into a reef in New Zealand…Yeah, that’s got to be the worst day. This Greek owned container ship was traveling from Napier, NZ to Tauranga, NZ. Due to captain error and unknown complications the ship (known […]

Maori New Zealanders Using Hemp To Build Houses!

You’ll Never Guess What These New Zealanders Are Building Houses Out Of

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
The Future Is Now A few Young New Zealanders are using a new technology to construct strong, sustainable and fire retardant houses. These Māori innovators are using Hemp to create eco-friendly and affordable houses. Since Hemp has a growing cycle of only 12 weeks, it can be harvested and turned into building blocks much more quickly and […]