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Amazing Video of Military Airdrop Failing

Watch As Multiple Military Humvee Crash To The Ground When Their Parachutes Fail

by CHIRPon April 22, 2016
This is crazy! A US military airdrop in Germany seems to have gone completely wrong. As three large cargo planes pass overhead, the man filming captures video of humvee’s from each drop detach from their deployed parachutes and crash to the ground. Absolutely incredible! US military vehicles unloaded form Plane fall through the air and […]
Guy Catches Crocodile Accidentally!!

This Guy Just Accidentally Caught A Crocodile!

by CHIRPon April 13, 2016
This guy was just cruisin’ around on his paddle boat checking a floating line. He felt a little tension so he pulled a bit harder to pull what he assumed to be a large “catfish” to the surface…Let me give you a hint. It wasn’t a catfish. After pulling in line for a few seconds, […]

Incredible Dash Cam Footage of Speeding Semi-Truck Near Miss

by CHIRPon April 9, 2016
This is some seriously crazy footage. Down under in Aussy land, this truck driver came upon a lady who’d just run over a rather large fallen tree limb in the road. A bit stirred up, the truck driver asks if she is ok and proceeds to pull over to help. All the while his dash […]
You Were Definitely Not Expecting This From The Little Guy

This Little Guy Just Delivered The Most Incredible Kick K.O. We’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon April 5, 2016
Dancing around the room, you’re kind of fearing for the smaller guy in this match up. His opponent is seriously almost a foot taller than him and seems to have a lot more energy. The bigger guy tries to land a few punches as he maneuvers around, but then it’s all over in a flurry […]

You Probably Couldn't Ride This Backwards Steering Bicycle

Think You Could Ride This Backwards Steering Bicycle? Think Again.

by CHIRPon April 3, 2016
You’d probably think hopping on a bike that when turned left goes right and right goes left would be pretty easy right? Well you’re wrong. Our brains subconscious just cannot handle the change in controls. Learning to ride a bike takes some time, and then all the years you spend riding bikes after that reinforces your […]

Backhoe Drops Huge Rock Into Truck And Breaks It

This Is How Not To Load A Giant Stone Into A Truck

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
That Definitely Did Some Damage… Here we have a man who doesn’t quite understand how gravity works. For some reason the operator of this backhoe thought it a good idea to drop a humongous stone from 6 feet above the bed of a truck…I’m not sure what he expected to happen, but what probably happened is him […]
Car Chase In Dallas Ends With Mini Van Owner Attacking And Subduing Driver

High Speed Chase Ends After Lady In A Mini Van Beats Up And Subdues The Suspect

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
This Is Absolutely Amazing And Hilarious! A man in a Dodge Charger was in a high speed chase with the cops. Speeding down the highway in Dallas, Texas he appeared to be getting away as no police were in site. The news chopper followed him closely as he weaved in and out of traffic. Suddenly, […]

Microsoft Twitter Bot Goes Racist In Hours

Microsoft Made A Self Learning Twitter Bot…Goes Racist And Vulgar Within Hours

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
This Might Be The Funniest Thing We’ve Heard All Week Microsoft recently launched a Twitter bot called Tay @TayAndYou. The objective of this bot was to interact with females age 18-24. The goal was for the bot to learn from each tweet/interaction, slowly increasing the bots knowledge and persona…I’m guessing you can see where this is going. […]
Katt Williams Punches 7th Grader In The Face. Gets Ass Beat

Katt Williams Just Punched A 7th Grader In The Face

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
Why Is Katt Williams So Crazy!? I love Kat Williams comedy. He’s one of my favorite comics, when it comes to saying funny things with a unique style. But he’s constantly doing insane things and assaulting people! I don’t get it. Under NO circumstances should you punch a 7th grader. I don’t care what he said […]

Middle Schooler And Teacher Fight

Middle Schooler Gets Taken Down In A Fight With His Teacher

by CHIRPon March 24, 2016
Boy…That Escalated Quickly Seriously though. At first I thought this was going a little slow and that nothing was going to happen. Next thing you know, this student and teach are in an all out battle. Smashing over computers and chairs in their wake, I’ve never seen something like this happen in a classroom.   Moral […]