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Amazing Video of Military Airdrop Failing

Watch As Multiple Military Humvee Crash To The Ground When Their Parachutes Fail

by CHIRPon April 22, 2016
This is crazy! A US military airdrop in Germany seems to have gone completely wrong. As three large cargo planes pass overhead, the man filming captures video of humvee’s from each drop detach from their deployed parachutes and crash to the ground. Absolutely incredible! US military vehicles unloaded form Plane fall through the air and […]
Old Man "Saved" From Car In Flood

A Reporter “Saved” An Elderly Man Whose Car Was Sinking In A Flood

by CHIRPon April 21, 2016
When a large flood happened in Houston Texas on 18th of April, this elderly man got a bit confused as to whether his Prius was a boat or not and drove into what looks like a river! Floating for some time, you can hear the reporter start to worry if the man is going to […]

These Parents Attached A GoPro To The Head Of Their Toddler During Hide And Seek

Watch What Happens When These Parents Put A GoPro On Their Toddler During Hide And Seek

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
Little kids can be pretty cute. Here’s a prime example of that. The parents of this little guy decided to strap a GoPro to his head and let him loose in a game of hide and seek! It’s hilarious to watch him running around the house unsure of where his parents might be stowed away. He […]
Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball With No Music Just Sound Effects

This Video of ‘Wrecking Ball’ With Only Realistic Sound Effects Is The Best Thing We’ve Ever Seen/Heard

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
What happens when you silence the music of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ and let someone studying sound design have at it? Amazing. That’s what. Seriously, this is done so well! From the squeaking of her butt cheeks on the wrecking ball to her awul yet realist seeming voice, this video is just as impressive as […]

Artificial Intellingence Sophia At SXSW

Realistic Robot ‘Sophia’ Can Have A Conversation…And Wants To “Destroy Humans”

by CHIRPon March 29, 2016
Just As Microsoft Released An AI Twitter Bot That Failed And Went Racist, This Human Like Robot Can Hold A Conversation…And It Wants To “Destroy Humans” Life like robotics/artificial intelligence have been making great strides recently. Microsoft has tried to create a twitter bot that can hold a twitter conversation with 18-24 year olds (it failed […]

Amazing Velociraptor Dinosaur Prank. Hamish & Andy

These Guys Pranked Their Co-Worker With The Most Realistic Dinosaur You’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
This Is So Good! Pranksters Hamish & Andy went all out for this prank. They completely terrified one of their co-workers by getting dressed up in one of the most realistic velociraptor costumes you’ve ever seen. It’s incredible how life like the head movement is! After getting one of their co-workers to walk out into the […]
Microsoft Twitter Bot Goes Racist In Hours

Microsoft Made A Self Learning Twitter Bot…Goes Racist And Vulgar Within Hours

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
This Might Be The Funniest Thing We’ve Heard All Week Microsoft recently launched a Twitter bot called Tay @TayAndYou. The objective of this bot was to interact with females age 18-24. The goal was for the bot to learn from each tweet/interaction, slowly increasing the bots knowledge and persona…I’m guessing you can see where this is going. […]

Katt Williams Punches 7th Grader In The Face. Gets Ass Beat

Katt Williams Just Punched A 7th Grader In The Face

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
Why Is Katt Williams So Crazy!? I love Kat Williams comedy. He’s one of my favorite comics, when it comes to saying funny things with a unique style. But he’s constantly doing insane things and assaulting people! I don’t get it. Under NO circumstances should you punch a 7th grader. I don’t care what he said […]