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New Anti-Earthquake Bed

New Anti-Earthquake Bed Could Save Your Life In A Severe Earthquake

by CHIRPon May 30, 2016
A new bed developed by ‘Dahir Instant’ may be the future of bed construction for communities developed in areas prone to heavy earthquakes. With a number of different designs to fit into many different living spaces, the Anti-Earthquake beds are essentially a chamber built around the bed that is completely hidden from sight during normal […]

This Guy Just Constructed A Working Hover Bike

by CHIRPon April 29, 2016
YouTube inventor Colin Furze is used to making insane things, but this might top them all. In this series of videos, Colin decided to attempt to build a hover bike…and he succeeded! While not a perfect cruising hover bike, this contraption does legitimately hover while carrying him forward at decent speed, and it looks wicked […]

Ocean Cleanup Area Could Save Our Oceans

New Ocean Cleanup Array Set To Deploy This Year — Potential To Save Our Oceans From Microscopic Plastic

by CHIRPon April 20, 2016
21 year old Boyan Slat is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup and inventor of the Ocean Cleanup Array; one of the worlds best (if not only) solutions to combat the enormous amount of plastic in the ocean. Currently the Pacific Ocean is home to a mass of plastic pollution the size of Texas, […]