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Watch This Time-Lapse of NASA’s Expandable Habitat Inflating On The ISS

by CHIRPon May 31, 2016
Just this past Saturday, NASA successfully deployed the first ever expandable habitat on the ISS (International Space Station). Astronaut Jeff Williams inflated the habitat called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) with the help from ground control. Controlling a valve, he gradually released air into the module in about 25 short bursts. By inflating the expandable habitat in bursts, […]

Prototype Capsule Potentially Game Changing For Sending Research To And From Space

by CHIRPon May 11, 2016
A new prototype capsule called the ‘Maraia Earth Return Capsule’ (MERC) looks to be the next big thing for sending and returning supplies and research to astronauts at the International Space Station and potentially beyond. Rather than having to wait for a return mission to earth to bring back supplies, the goal of the MERC, and […]

GoPro Awards: On a Rocket Launch to Space

Amazing Footage From a GoPro Shows What it’s Like to Ride on a Rocket

by CHIRPon May 7, 2016
A GoPro took a ride on a rocket launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico, and the footage has just been released. The little camera traveled more than 3,800mph on a 20-foot tall rocket. GoPro has released footage of from a camera of theirs that took the ride of a lifetime on a small 20 […]
SpaceX Founder Start New Rocket Company

Two SpaceX Founders Have Started Their Own Rocket Company

by CHIRPon April 27, 2016
Two of SpaceX’s (Elon Musk’s private space company) founders are starting another rocket company Vector Space Systems, which just announced $1 million in angel investment. They will focus their efforts on building launch vehicles expressly designed to put micro-satellites into orbit.   Still developing it’s first rocket called the ‘Vector‘ it carry approximately 5 to 50kg of cargo with a […]

NASA Observes Object Coming Out Of Blackhole

NASA Just Observed Something Coming Out of A Black Hole

by CHIRPon April 22, 2016
As far as we know, a black hole is an area in space that exhibits such strong gravity that nothing can escape from inside it. Not even light or electromagnetic particles can get away from it’s pull. Knowing this, it’s safe to assume that we’ve never observed anything coming out of one. That was true, until NASA saw something curious at […]

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship Arrives At The ISS

SpaceX’s Dragon Cargo Craft Arrives At The ISS

by CHIRPon April 11, 2016
Most of you have seen the incredible landing of SpaceX’s Flacon 9 rocket on a floating drone ship by now. But many of you may not know what the purpose of that rocket actually was (other than to perform a bad ass landing). Well here it is. The Dragon, SpaceX’s commercial cargo craft, was carried by the Falcon […]
Incredible, SpaceX Rocket Landing On Floating Drone Ship

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Just Landed A Rocket On A Floating Drone Platform For The First Time

by CHIRPon April 9, 2016
For the first time ever, a rocket has been successfully launched into space and then returned and landed on a drone ship floating in the ocean. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s real. Just yesterday the Falcon 9 rocket launched into space to resupply the international space station with 7,000 pounds of […]

Sombrero Galaxy In Infrared

The Hubble Space Telescope Captures An Amazing Photo of Galaxy Clusters Colliding

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Has Recently Captured An Image of Two Galaxy Clusters Colliding Into A Single One The colorful foggy spot in this photo captured by the Hubble Space telescope is actually the site of two large clusters of galaxies colliding into one. This new cluster is known as MACS J0416. The image below actually consists of […]
Caught For The First Time Ever, Flash of Exploding Star

The Early Flash Of An Exploding Star, Caught For The First Time Ever

by CHIRPon March 24, 2016
This Is Incredible NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has just captured, for the first time, the flash of an exploding star. Led by astrophysicist Peter Garnavich, an international science team have recently analyzed Kepler and the light it captured from 500 galaxies over three years. They were searching through 50 million stars looking for a supernova(s) [massive stellar […]

Hubble Space Telescope Photos Of The Universe And Bright Stars

The Hubble Telescope Never Ceases To Amaze…You Won’t Believe The Beauty

by CHIRPon March 20, 2016
Here at CHIRP we loooove everything science, especially astronomy! Just recently we saw this incredible image from the Hubble Space Telescope and our jaws hit the floor. There’s just something soul shaking about pictures of nebulas ( interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium and ionized gases). One of our personal favorites would be the Horsehead […]