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Snapchat being sued over a car wreck

Snapchat Being Sued Over An Accident Involving It’s ‘Speed Filter’

by CHIRPon April 28, 2016
Snapchat is facing a lawsuit due to a car wreck caused by a driver potentially using the app. The lawsuit describes a 2015 incident in which driver Christal McGee allegedly increased her driving speed in order to see the reading on Snapchat’s speed filter get above 100 mph. The complaint alleges that Snapchat was, or should have been, […]
NASA Observes Object Coming Out Of Blackhole

NASA Just Observed Something Coming Out of A Black Hole

by CHIRPon April 22, 2016
As far as we know, a black hole is an area in space that exhibits such strong gravity that nothing can escape from inside it. Not even light or electromagnetic particles can get away from it’s pull. Knowing this, it’s safe to assume that we’ve never observed anything coming out of one. That was true, until NASA saw something curious at […]

Drone Strikes British Airways Flight As It Prepared To Land

by CHIRPon April 18, 2016
A British Airways plane headed from Geneva, Switzerland, to London has reported a collision with what appeared to be a drone. While the plane, carrying 132 passengers and five crew, was approaching the London airport at around 12:50 BST it apparently was hit by a high flying drone. After landing safely, the pilot reported an object […]
Solar Impulse 2 Set To Continue It's Round World Flight

Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft Set To Continue Round The World Flight

by CHIRPon April 16, 2016
About a year ago pilot, André Borschberg and the Solar Impulse plane set the world record for the longest ever solo flight. Leaving from Nagoya, Japan, they were attempting to fly around the world. Unfortunately they had to land and stay grounded in Hawaii due to and overheated battery. Having been stored in a hangar in Hawaii for the entire winter, the […]

Egypt Air Plane hijacked On The Way To Cyprus

EgyptAir Plane Hijacked And Forced To Land In Cyprus

by CHIRPon March 30, 2016
An EgyptAir Plane Flying From Alexandria To Cairo Was Hijacked Just This Tuesday Mid-air and in route to Cairo, the pilot of EgyptAir flight MS181 reported a suicide bomb threat on board and diverted to land at the Larnaca airport in Cyprus. Reports have been released stating that the man responsible is an Egyptian national named Seif El […]

White Robot Holding Human Skull

Is Imperfect A.I. Going To Take Over The World And Then Malfunction!?

by CHIRPon March 29, 2016
With Artificial Intelligence All Over The News Lately, There’s No Stopping Its Movement Into The Mainstream Recently there has been quite a lot of talk about artificial intelligence. More specifically, the news has been covered with self learning and life like A.I./robots. From Microsofts @TayAndYou and Hanson Robotics’s Sophia to Cornell’s Self Walking Robot and ICTA, Australia’s Self Cooking Robot…it has […]
Car Chase In Dallas Ends With Mini Van Owner Attacking And Subduing Driver

High Speed Chase Ends After Lady In A Mini Van Beats Up And Subdues The Suspect

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
This Is Absolutely Amazing And Hilarious! A man in a Dodge Charger was in a high speed chase with the cops. Speeding down the highway in Dallas, Texas he appeared to be getting away as no police were in site. The news chopper followed him closely as he weaved in and out of traffic. Suddenly, […]

Ted Cruz Smashes Donal Trump In The Polls

Ted Cruz Smashes Donald Trumps Lead In Latest National Poll

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
The Latest National Poll From Fox News Shows That Cruz Has SMASHED Trumps Lead This is pretty incredible. Fox News has just recently released it’s latest national poll stating that Ted Cruz has taken Donal Trumps previous lead of 18% and dropped it down to only 3%! What does this say about Americans? Are they tired […]
Cuddling Babies To Help With Heroin Addiction

It’s Amazing How These Doctors Are Helping Babies Born Addicted To Heroin

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
Doctors At ‘Mercy Health’ Are Helping Addicted Babies By Cuddling Them You may love cuddling with babies, but did you ever think it could save ones life? This is what volunteers at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital are doing. Babies who’s parents are addicted to heroin are born with the same awful addiction. This means that […]

Rare Sumatran Rhino Spotted For The First Time In 40 Years!

Thought To Be Extinct, Now Spotted For The First Time in 40 Years!

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
After 40 Years, The World Wild Life Fund Has Announced A Sighting Just this Tuesday an announcement was made that the Rare Sumatran Rhino of Indonesia has been spotted for the first time in over 40 years! The four to five year old female was sighted in Kutai Barat which is in east Kalimantan (the Indonesia […]