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We've Been Completely Wrong About What's Going On inside The Earth's Mantle

New Technique Has Revealed How Completely Wrong We’ve Been About What’s Going On In The Earth’s Mantle

by CHIRPon May 15, 2016
With much still to learn about what’s deep below the Earth’s mantle/crust and how it behaves, tracking and record data on something you can’t truly observe is extremely difficult. But a new technique has just changed all that. The convective currents of the Earth’s mantle have now been successfully mapped for the first time ever. What geologists discovered is […]
Stephen Hawking photo in front of whiteboard

Stephen Hawking Warns That Science And Technology May Be Our Demise — With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

by CHIRPon April 14, 2016
According to Professor Stephen Hawking, the future of society is in peril due to our incredible advances in science and technology. Our worlds nuclear capabilities, genetically modified viruses and global warming are just a few of his examples. “Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up […]

Guy Catches Crocodile Accidentally!!

This Guy Just Accidentally Caught A Crocodile!

by CHIRPon April 13, 2016
This guy was just cruisin’ around on his paddle boat checking a floating line. He felt a little tension so he pulled a bit harder to pull what he assumed to be a large “catfish” to the surface…Let me give you a hint. It wasn’t a catfish. After pulling in line for a few seconds, […]

Watching These People Get Attacked By Bulls While An Australian Commentates Is Hilarious

by CHIRPon April 8, 2016
Watching people get trampled and thrown by bulls is a lot funnier when a crazy Australian is commentating. Seriously, it brings an entirely new level of funny to this video which is already really ridiculous! The running of the bulls is a long standing tradition, but there are always plenty of people who shouldn’t be there […]

Burglar Hides Under Childs Blanket

Burglar Caught On Tape Using Childs Blanket To Sneak Through And Rob A House

by CHIRPon April 5, 2016
This is crazy! While robbing a house near Auckland, New Zealand this burglar realized that there was a security camera and quickly grabbed a child blanket to cover his face. Luckily he messed up and let his face slip into view very briefly. The police are currently asking for help identifying the man in the […]

New Zealand's Worst Ever Maritime Environmental Disaster

Incredible Footage of Giant Container Ship Wrecked On New Zealand’s Astrolabe Reef

by CHIRPon March 31, 2016
Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometime you have a worse day. And sometime you crash a giant container ship into a reef in New Zealand…Yeah, that’s got to be the worst day. This Greek owned container ship was traveling from Napier, NZ to Tauranga, NZ. Due to captain error and unknown complications the ship (known […]
North Korea Threatens To Nuke The US

North Korean Propaganda Video Just Threatened To Nuke Washington DC

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
North Korean Just Threatened To Nuke Washington & Destroy The United States Just this Friday, North Korea released and uploaded a 4 min propaganda video titled “Last Chance” to the DPRK youtube channel. It features many images of warfare, the burning of the American flag and a computer simulation of a warhead launched at Washington blowing up near […]

Disneyland's Space Mountain Through Night Vision Camera

Disneyland’s Space Mountain Ride In Night Vision

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
This Puts A New Meaning To Keep Your Arms And Hands Inside The Vehicle At All Times… I’m sure you’ve all probably been on Space Mountain, or at least heard of it. This famous roller coaster has been a Disneyland staple since it’s debut opening in 1975. It is known for being a high speed indoor coaster […]
Amazing Utah Rangers Save Snared Cougar

Ubelievable Video Of Utah Game Wardens Freeing A Pissed Off Cougar In A Trap

by CHIRPon March 23, 2016
These Guys Have Balls Seriously. These guys are mad men! Granted what they’re doing is extremely compassionate. These guys are still absolutely crazy! With only catch poles and a bag to put over it’s head, these Game Wardens approach and hook a cougar that’s been snared by a hunting trap. And it’s not a happy cougar. Considering […]

High School Prep Rally Fire In Balloon Jumper

Annnnd This Is Why You Don’t Play With Fire

by CHIRPon March 21, 2016
This Is Why You Don’t Play With Fire Kids Someone at Atlantic Community High School in Daytona Florida decided it would be a good idea to stand on a flammable jumper and blow fire in the air while someone dunks…What part of that sounds like a good idea? Well maybe it sounds cool, but you can […]