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Tesla Self Driving Collecting 3 Mil Miles Daily

Tesla Is Gathering Twice As Many Miles of Self-Driving Data Every Day Compared To Google’s Entire Atonomous Project

by CHIRPon June 2, 2016
If you combine the total miles driven in autonomous mode by all Tesla Model S and X’s on the road at the moment, you get about 3 million miles a day. That’s about twice the distance that Google’s self-driving car project has done since it’s start. What does this mean? It means that Tesla is collecting a much larger amount of […]
Roborace Autonomous Racing Cars

The World’s First ‘Driverless Racing Series’ Just Released Images of Their Cars, And They Look Amazing

by CHIRPon April 4, 2016
The first of its kind, Roborace will be a driverless racing series set to debut later this year or early next year. Just recently the organizers unveiled what the custom-made electric cars will look like. These four wheeled autonomous vehicles are incredibly aerodynamic and, according to their designer Daniel Simon, will produce incredible amounts of downforce. Roborace CEO Denis Sverdlov […]