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Lens used during Apollo space mission sells for more than $450,000

A Lens Used During The Apollo Space Mission Just Sold For Over $450,000

by CHIRPon April 23, 2016
One of the camera lenses used during the 1971 Apollo 15 space mission has just sold at auction for over $450,000! An already incredibly rare lens known as the Zeiss Tele-Tessar 500mm f/8, this one obviously holds incredible historical value which is why the price was  bid up so high. Boston-based RR Auction says the 12-inch long Zeiss Tele-Tessar […]
Nasa Uploads The Most Beautiful Footage Ever Captured of Earth

Watch The Most Beautiful Video Footage Ever Captured of Earth

by CHIRPon April 19, 2016
NASA astronauts have beamed down the most high quality and beautiful footage ever caught of Earth. Shot from the International Space Station (ISS) in 4K footage using a ‘RED Epic Dragon’ camera, the footage is absolutely breathtaking.   You can watch more footage from NASA’s RED camera here. The majority of them are experiments done inside the space station, according to […]

Stephen Hawking photo in front of whiteboard

Stephen Hawking Warns That Science And Technology May Be Our Demise — With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

by CHIRPon April 14, 2016
According to Professor Stephen Hawking, the future of society is in peril due to our incredible advances in science and technology. Our worlds nuclear capabilities, genetically modified viruses and global warming are just a few of his examples. “Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up […]

Watching The Delta IV Rocket Launch In 360 Degree 4k Video Is Pretty Much Like Being There

by CHIRPon April 12, 2016
Not many people in the world get to see a rocket launch from close up. Now, thanks to 360 degree video technology, you can experience rocket launches like like never before. Made in partnership with Koncept VR, this new video puts you closer than any human being could possibly get without incineration. This rocket launch mission, named NROL-45, was […]

Large 22 W Laser

Do We Want Aliens To Find Us? A Laser Cloaking Device Could Hide Us From Them

by CHIRPon April 1, 2016
At first thought, broadcasting ourselves to the universe in hopes of making contact with another intelligent species sounds amazing right? We all have a deep desire to discover other intelligent life like us. It just seems natural to reach out in hopes of contact. But is that really the wisest thing to do? Many astronomers and […]

Something Just Slammed Into Jupiter

Something Just Slammed Into Jupiter…

by CHIRPon March 30, 2016
Astronomers Have Just Captured Footage of A Celestial Object Exploding On The Side of Jupiter This month on March 17, an Austrian astronomer named Gerrit Kernbauer was taking video of Jupiter from his telescope in hopes that he might capture something noteworthy…he got a bit more than he was expecting At 18:33 UTC the video that Gerrit […]
Sombrero Galaxy In Infrared

The Hubble Space Telescope Captures An Amazing Photo of Galaxy Clusters Colliding

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Has Recently Captured An Image of Two Galaxy Clusters Colliding Into A Single One The colorful foggy spot in this photo captured by the Hubble Space telescope is actually the site of two large clusters of galaxies colliding into one. This new cluster is known as MACS J0416. The image below actually consists of […]

Disneyland's Space Mountain Through Night Vision Camera

Disneyland’s Space Mountain Ride In Night Vision

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
This Puts A New Meaning To Keep Your Arms And Hands Inside The Vehicle At All Times… I’m sure you’ve all probably been on Space Mountain, or at least heard of it. This famous roller coaster has been a Disneyland staple since it’s debut opening in 1975. It is known for being a high speed indoor coaster […]
Solar Flare On Sun

Could Our Sun Produce A Superflare? Wiping Out Technology And Earth’s Ability To Sustain Life

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
You May Have Heard Of A Solar Flares. Well This Is Like That…But Super. Our sun produces normal solar flares on a regular basis. These are large flashes of light produced by the sun when magnetic energy built up in the solar atmosphere is released all at once. These flares are also what cause earths brilliant […]

Caught For The First Time Ever, Flash of Exploding Star

The Early Flash Of An Exploding Star, Caught For The First Time Ever

by CHIRPon March 24, 2016
This Is Incredible NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has just captured, for the first time, the flash of an exploding star. Led by astrophysicist Peter Garnavich, an international science team have recently analyzed Kepler and the light it captured from 500 galaxies over three years. They were searching through 50 million stars looking for a supernova(s) [massive stellar […]