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Brain Implants Can Allow People To Control Machines With Their Mind

Brain Implant Developed In Australia Can Allow People To Control Machines With Their Minds

by CHIRPon June 6, 2016
Scientists in Australia are currently in the process of developing an implant that will give paralyzed and heavily disabled patients the ability to control machines through their thoughts as well as monitor and predict seizures. Able to record specific brain activity and function, the tiny implant known as astentrode will eventually be placed into a blood vessel located […]
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Recently Approved Bionic Eye Procedure Just Gave This Man Sight After 40 Years of Blindness

by CHIRPon May 27, 2016
Only recently approved by the FDA, a new operation of the eye can give the blind new sight. Just recently in Texas this approved procedure, that implant’s a bionic eye, was successfully performed on a Texas man John Jameson. While the doctors who completed the operation have yet to release much information about the procedure, our friends […]

People Stabbing Themselves For Beauty. John Travolta With Knife

New Craze Has People Stabbing Themselves For Beauty…

by Stephanie Sodenon March 20, 2016
Stabbing Your Face To Promote The Natural Healing Process Is Becoming The Norm The new process is called ‘Micro-Needling’ and it’s taking the world by storm. Little needle pricks coming from a roller consisting of 200 fine surgical steel needles are inflicted on the desired area. This in turn creates hundreds of small “controlled wounds”. Your body then reacts […]