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Tesla Self Driving Collecting 3 Mil Miles Daily

Tesla Is Gathering Twice As Many Miles of Self-Driving Data Every Day Compared To Google’s Entire Atonomous Project

by CHIRPon June 2, 2016
If you combine the total miles driven in autonomous mode by all Tesla Model S and X’s on the road at the moment, you get about 3 million miles a day. That’s about twice the distance that Google’s self-driving car project has done since it’s start. What does this mean? It means that Tesla is collecting a much larger amount of […]
The Falcon 9 Rocket Just Successfully Launched And Landed On A Floating Drone Ship For The Second Time

SpaceX Just Successfully Landed Their Flacon 9 Rocket On A Floating Drone Ship For A Second Time!

by CHIRPon May 6, 2016
The SpaceX Flacon 9 rocket that successfully landed on a floating ship for the first time has just done it again! And this time with a much more difficult landing. Carrying a Japanese communications satellite (JCSAT-14), the rocket had to reach an extremely high orbit, which makes re-entry and landing a bit more difficult due to a faster […]

SpaceX Founder Start New Rocket Company

Two SpaceX Founders Have Started Their Own Rocket Company

by CHIRPon April 27, 2016
Two of SpaceX’s (Elon Musk’s private space company) founders are starting another rocket company Vector Space Systems, which just announced $1 million in angel investment. They will focus their efforts on building launch vehicles expressly designed to put micro-satellites into orbit.   Still developing it’s first rocket called the ‘Vector‘ it carry approximately 5 to 50kg of cargo with a […]