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Ehang 184 Passenger Drone

Nevada to Begin Testing Autonomous Passenger Drones

by CHIRPon June 15, 2016
Chinese company EHang and the state of Nevada are set to test automated flying passenger drones by the end of this year! With flying passenger drones only a thing of science fiction, with the advances in drone technology in the past few years, they are more a reality than ever. Called the Ehang 184 Passenger Drone, […]
Amazing Footage Of Crocodile Attacking Elephant by The Trunk

Incredible Footage of Crocodile Attacking An Elephant

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
Filming A Seemingly Average Video of An Elephant Drinking From A Watering Hole, These Tourist Had No Idea What Was About To Happen! While these tourists were watching a small group of elephants drink water, something was lurking and waiting to attack. Not long after the elephant sets its trunk in the water a large […]

Escaped Tiger On Doha Highway In Qatar

Escaped Tiger Running Loose On A Highway In Qatar

by CHIRPon March 28, 2016
This Is Honestly One Of The Craziest Videos We’ve Seen In A While Imagine sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on your way to work, singing Party In The USA and tweeting about the ridiculous presidential election. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice some movement in the road. You take a […]
Sombrero Galaxy In Infrared

The Hubble Space Telescope Captures An Amazing Photo of Galaxy Clusters Colliding

by CHIRPon March 27, 2016
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Has Recently Captured An Image of Two Galaxy Clusters Colliding Into A Single One The colorful foggy spot in this photo captured by the Hubble Space telescope is actually the site of two large clusters of galaxies colliding into one. This new cluster is known as MACS J0416. The image below actually consists of […]

Truck Driving On Atlantic Ocean Road In Norway

You Have To See This Road In Norway To Believe It

by CHIRPon March 26, 2016
This Has To Be The Craziest And Coolest Road In The World On the midwest coast of Norway sits one of the most dangerous and scenic roads in the world. Known as the ‘Atlantic Ocean Road’ it rise and dives around the Atlantic often with waves of the rough Norwegian sea crashing upon it. Part […]

Jaguars & Or Leopards Licking A Mans Head

Would You Let These Two Jaguars Style Your Hair?

by CHIRPon March 25, 2016
I Don’t Think I’d Do This. Even For My Bucket List. This man seems to enjoy the feeling of two giant beautiful yet deadly cats tasting his head before chowing down…Ok, maybe not. But you just never know. If one of them is feeling a bit peckish and likes what it’s tasting…there goes your head Un […]
Caught For The First Time Ever, Flash of Exploding Star

The Early Flash Of An Exploding Star, Caught For The First Time Ever

by CHIRPon March 24, 2016
This Is Incredible NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has just captured, for the first time, the flash of an exploding star. Led by astrophysicist Peter Garnavich, an international science team have recently analyzed Kepler and the light it captured from 500 galaxies over three years. They were searching through 50 million stars looking for a supernova(s) [massive stellar […]