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Watch This Time-Lapse of NASA’s Expandable Habitat Inflating On The ISS

by CHIRPon May 31, 2016
Just this past Saturday, NASA successfully deployed the first ever expandable habitat on the ISS (International Space Station). Astronaut Jeff Williams inflated the habitat called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) with the help from ground control. Controlling a valve, he gradually released air into the module in about 25 short bursts. By inflating the expandable habitat in bursts, […]
A Month In Science

A Month In Science [New Future News Recap]

by CHIRPon May 18, 2016
Things at CHIRP have been off to a great start. With over 200k visitors in our first month, we are excited to be bringing so many of you quality news from around the world. We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our readers and those to come! Your support is what […]


Chinese Researchers Have Successfully Developed A Mind Controlled Car

by CHIRPon May 15, 2016
Have you ever wanted to driver a car with something more than your hands or feet? Perhaps your mind? Well it’s official…a mind controlled car now exists. Chinese engineers have developed a headset that reads EEG (Electroencephalography) signals from the brain and successfully translates them into movement and steering of a car. Designed with the heavily disabled in […]
This Guy Decided Youtube Was Taking Too Long, So He Made His Own Award

YouTube Was Taking Too Long To Send This Guy His Award, So He Made One Himself

by CHIRPon May 14, 2016
If you run a youtube channel and hit a milestone such as a million subscribers, youtube sends you a nice plaque to congratulate you on your success. In the case of 100k, they send a “silver” plaque. While not actually made out of pure silver, they are still beautiful and a great way to display your […]

Prototype Capsule Potentially Game Changing For Sending Research To And From Space

by CHIRPon May 11, 2016
A new prototype capsule called the ‘Maraia Earth Return Capsule’ (MERC) looks to be the next big thing for sending and returning supplies and research to astronauts at the International Space Station and potentially beyond. Rather than having to wait for a return mission to earth to bring back supplies, the goal of the MERC, and […]

GoPro Awards: On a Rocket Launch to Space

Amazing Footage From a GoPro Shows What it’s Like to Ride on a Rocket

by CHIRPon May 7, 2016
A GoPro took a ride on a rocket launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico, and the footage has just been released. The little camera traveled more than 3,800mph on a 20-foot tall rocket. GoPro has released footage of from a camera of theirs that took the ride of a lifetime on a small 20 […]

From One Cello…To An Orchestra — This “Flash Mob” Is Amazing

by CHIRPon May 2, 2016
Starting off with just one lone classical cello player, people around are at first a bit confused as he sits in silence. Then a little girl walks up and drops a coin in his top hat…and he begins. Then a random person walks up from behind and starts playing along with him on another cello, then […]

This Tiger Cub And Puppy Are Best Friends And It’s Too Adorable

by CHIRPon April 30, 2016
This poor bengal tiger cub named ‘hunter’ was rejected by it’s mother. So instead of trying to find it a new one, this sanctuary just got him a best friend. And an unlikely one at that! Say hello to Chelsea the german pointer puppy! Only three weeks older than Hunter, they get along like two peas […]
Amazing Laser Rust Remover

This Laser Rust Remover Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

by CHIRPon April 26, 2016
This has got to be on of the coolest and most satisfying things I’ve ever seen. When you see something as rusty as this car grill in the video below, you immediately accept the reality that it is completely done for and needs to be scraped. Well….that’s not the case anymore thanks to this crazy laser […]

People Stealing Water From The London Marathon...Disappointing To Say The Least

Footage Captures People Stealing Water From Athletes At The London Marathon

by CHIRPon April 25, 2016
Whenever a large Marathon event is held, a ton of water is usually present. Changing from small paper cups to plastic bottles, the London Marathon had large pallets of Buxton water at stations every mile starting from mile 3 all the way to mile 25. These hydration stations were put in place to ensure runners embarking on […]